My art is a collection of paintings and mixed-media saturated in vibrant colors to spark livelihood, gratitude and thought provoking self-discovery.


As the great-great granddaughter of famous Chester County painter, Ida Ellen Ruth Jones, my work draws from a distinct family history of diverse creativity and cultural pride. At an early age I began illustrating and quickly became aware that art would be the lifeblood of my future. My family often traveled across the world which allowed me to draw artistic perspectives from many cultures and lifestyles. 

In high school, digital content was starting to boom and there was a pressing need for artistic designers. I was encouraged by my guidance counselors and mentors to use my creative skills to earn a career in graphic design. Over the years I have risen in the ranks as a notable designer but often find that the status quo limitations of business tend to limit my ability to do outside-the-box creative projects. 

I began painting to get away from the tight constraints of the business world. Painting taught me to expand my perceptions and to have a keen balance of patience and steadfastness in my work.  My first collection of paintings, Icons (2019), portrays iconic catalysts Muhammad Ali, Grace Jones and Bob Marley. These Icons were defiant yet carried their power with grace and dignity. They were vivid and unforgettable. Mixed-media such as pumice and magazine clippings were used for texture to embody the often prismatic lifestyles they lived. The vibrant hues of oranges, yellows and blues leap off the canvas to shed light on the unwavering strength they held in the face of adversity. 

My second collection of mixed-media paintings, Journey (2020), was inspired by my personal self-discovery. Mamaragan - God of Lightning, Beyond: A Space Cadet Story and Owlfred represent the personal journey of all human beings to create light from places of darkness. These works delve into bringing forth inner power, honing intuition and voluntary vulnerability. The unapologetic use of orange in the paintings represents the discovery of color and the vibrancy of life despite coming from dark or distant pasts. This body of work encourages viewers to honor themselves and their deeper knowing. 

Blending my skills as a graphic designer and as a painter has broadened my creative portfolio into sculpting, printmaking and digital art. My goal as an artist is to use my body of works to connect all of us back to each other. 

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