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Mawu Lisa painting with moon, sun, rainbow snake and monkey

The Story of Mawu Lisa


Mawu and Lisa, known as Mawu-Lisa, are twins Gods worshipped by the coastal West-African tribes, the Fon and Ewe. Mawu, the female God, is the Creator of the Moon.  She is the Goddess of night, joy, creativity and fertility. Her symbols are clay and the moon. She is also the wife of her brother, Lisa.


Lisa, a male God and Creator of the Sun, is inseparable from Mawu. He lives in the East, opposite Mawu in the West and is known to be fierce.


In the story of Mawu, when creating the Earth, it was made too heavy. So Mawu asked the rainbow serpent, Aido Wedo, to lift the Earth by coiling underneath it.


Awe the monkey convinced the people of Earth that he could create life. When confronted with a test, he failed. For his treachery, Lisa fed him porridge with a death seed in it and he died. 


I favored the side of Mawu a bit more because I feel like there’s more power in creation and she was the creator of the two. She has more shells on her necklace as well.

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