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The Birds and the Trees

The Birds and the Trees



When I create collage pieces, I don't necessarily go in with a plan. I just float on the wave of creativity and see where it takes me. During my process, I look through magazines for images that inspire me. From there I imagine a scene that I can create. I let the story tell itself as I put the pieces together.

As a Graphic Designer, I'm tend to drawn to patterns, colors and quality – not so much the name of a brand. I found this jacket in a magazine that I liked and I felt compelled to use it as my center figure. I created a similar pattern to the jacket, printed it and applied it to the background. I decided to make this pattern eroded so it didn't distract from the images in the foreground.

The black and white tree I found served perfectly as the head of the model. From there I wanted to add color that complimented colors found in homes. What better than plant leaves, which would also accompany the tree.

The gold jewelry pieces came together to create more of the visual story. I didn't add a drop shadow, as I wanted to them to blend in with the leaves as if they grew there on purpose.

Finally, I added an image of a man with Spanish words written on his chest. I altered it to create my own take on what was said – La gente que produce es tan granada – IRONY" (The people that produce are so great – Irony). I added wings to him as I felt he was flying and I positioned him vertically opposite the tree model.

Sometimes art inspires by creating stories that resonate with the viewer With my collage pieces, I want people to connect with these pieces in their own way. Sometimes it's nice to not be told what to feel through the meaning of an art pieces, but to interpret it ourselves for a message that truly connects with us. What messages do you see?

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