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Meet Alex DiBrizzi, a Rising Artist in Tampa Bay

Updated: Apr 12

Towards the end of last year, I initiated a search for an apprentice. With over two decades of experience as a professional artist, and a lifetime more as a passionate hobbyist, I felt compelled to share my insights into the art world, both as a practitioner and a businessperson.

Following a meticulous evaluation process spanning over a month, I narrowed down the candidates to a final three. To make my decision, I tasked them with creating a piece of artwork with one requirement: include a key. They were able to use the medium of their choice. While the decision was arduous, local artist Alex DiBrizzi stood out prominently due to the compelling subject matter and innovative approach displayed in his work. An artist willing to explore new avenues invariably discovers their purpose sooner than those who remain within familiar bounds.

A person using a key to unlock his center, which is the universe.
Alex DiBrizzi's key art submission for apprenticeship.

So who is Alex DiBrizzi?

As a Tampa native, Alex developed a profound love for art during his formative years, spending hours sketching Pokémon, Dragonball Z characters, and cars. This passion spurred him to pursue studies at the Pratt Institute, majoring in Industrial Product Design and minoring in Fine Art. Later, he immersed himself in diverse mediums, refining his craft in Painting, Spraypainting, Sculpting, Graphic Design, Printmaking, Screenprinting, and beyond.

Driven by a desire for growth, Alex aims to continually enhance his artistic abilities through both learning and practical experience. Ultimately, he aspires to pay it forward by imparting his knowledge to a future apprentice, fostering the next generation of artists.

Alex DiBrizzi stand in front of his artwork
Alex DiBrizzi at Opus Art Show, 2023

Let's hear from Alex...

To provide my audience with a deeper understanding of Alex, whom I've had the privilege to get to know, I conducted an interview with him, delving into his artistic journey and aspirations.

Q: When did you first begin your art journey?

AD: I first began my art journey recently, I have been drawing since I was in elementary school and tracing things that I liked. Not until the past year or so when I started doing shows was when I felt like I actually started my journey. Finding what people are interested in, getting feedback on my work, and realizing what needs to improve to make dreams into reality. 

Q: What is your background/education experience?

AD: I had the amazing opportunity to get accepted to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. I learned a tremendous amount of different media and technology, making me focused on Industrial Design, and not Painting. Ever since I graduated, I was focused on finding work in that field, until I realized I need to get back to painting.

Q: What inspires you to create?

AD: My inspiration comes from within – everything inspires me. It could be a tree blowing in the wind, the way people are interacting or a bird flying by. Life is so precious and beautiful, and yet it’s so hard to be in the moment and to fully enjoy being on this planet we are blessed to be on.

Q: What would you say the most exciting part of your art journey has been so far?

AD: The most exciting part of my journey so far would be being in such an amazing group of talented beings. We all are on our own journey to making our dreams happen, yet we all support each other so much. It’s truly incredible that we can help one another make it possible.

Shewolf, a painting by Alex DiBrizzi sits in front of the Tampa skyline.

Q: What is the most challenging part of your art journey?

AD: The most challenging part of my journey is judging what shows to do. It’s awesome to be in as many shows as possible, but they all add up quick in expenses when I'm not making sales. It’s a learning curve to get your work in front of the right crowd and what type of imagery people are looking for. 

Q: Where do you want you be in 5 years?

AD: My dream is to be successful enough with my art career, that I am able to come up with at least 1 of my worldwide art spaces for kids and adults to be inspired and get help to follow their dreams. 

Q: Do you have a final vision of what you want to accomplish in your art career?

AD: My final vision of my career would be to leave behind a legendary inspiration of art in my portfolio. Through this, my art space idea will be able to grow and be successful to the point of changing the world. So we can come back together as one and work together. 

When questioned about the key elements he considers when crafting a new piece, Alex pinpointed Subject, Balance, and Message. Given my inclination towards using art as a storytelling medium, I found myself particularly drawn to Message. It's crucial for me to convey to my apprentice the significance of art with a meaningful message, as emotions play a pivotal role in the appeal of artwork.

I firmly believe that Alex has the potential to not only establish himself as a highly esteemed artist within the Tampa Bay community but also to venture beyond, sharing his talents with individuals eager to learn worldwide. My aspiration is to leverage the knowledge I've acquired from teachers, mentors, peers, and personal experiences to support him on his journey toward realizing his aspirations.

Click here to see more of Alex's work and what he's been up to growing his brand.

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