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Oshun - River Orisha - 30x40

Oshun - River Orisha - 30x40


Known best as the river goddess, Oshun is an orisha connected to love, fertility, purity and sensuality. Her human traits are jealousy, vanity and spite. She is known for maintaining spiritual balance.


There are a few different myths about Oshun, but I like one in particular. It is said she was the only goddess, sent among 17 gods, by the Supreme God, Olodumare, to populate the earth. The male gods failed, and eventually turned to Oshun, who revived Earth with her life-giving waters. 


In preparing an alter for Oshun, place some of her favorite things such as pumpkin, orange, sunflower, honey... The texture in this piece was created with orange peel so Oshun could bless this painting.


She is said to carry around a mirror so she can admire her beauty. I added square mirror pieces that come together to create her image. I’m curious to see if the viewer thinks she’s coming or going.

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