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Not a Mascot - Basquiat Series - 30x40

Not a Mascot - Basquiat Series - 30x40


Basquiat Series #1 - Not a Mascot is the first in a series of four paintings composed in collaboration with fellow Pasco artist, Fabstraq. This series of paintings is to honor the game-changing artist Jean-Michele Basquiat, depicting a progression of him throughout his lifetime as an established artist. 


Not a Mascot is special because it is a first-time collaboration with the two artists. Fabstraq used his unique and vibrant style to create the first layer. Artist Jones then had to figure out how to incorporate the portrait of Jean-Michel while still maintaining the visibility of Fabstraq's work. The result is two different styles come together to create a beautifully unexpected contrast. 

  • Production/Delivery Time

    Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of canvases. These high quality canvas prints will not dissapoint. Please allow adequate lead time if purchasing as a gift.  

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