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BEYOND: A Space Cadet Story - 11x14

BEYOND: A Space Cadet Story - 11x14


This piece is actually a reflection of me at a moment that I was feeling very vulnerable. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called spacey growing up. Yup, Spacey Tracey. Having gone through a recent and large shift to my world, it put me back there again. The #astronaut is alone in this surreal space. He’s done in grayscale to symbolize that he’s “muted” - or dull. The visor was made color because though he feels muted, he can still see color in the world around him. He’s disintegrating on one side because he’s actually coming apart (symbolizing his mind state).


The orange drops of paint added a nice contrast to the background. I made them stream upwards to add to the #surreal, “nothing is as it seems” effect. Because the IG cuts the photo off at the top, you can’t see where the paint started to pool a bit. I think it adds to this idea that he’s in a boxed in space that seems big, but actually isn’t. 


It’s taken a while to be able to talk about this piece, as it does for pieces I create that feel like self portraits during tough times in my life.


I’m grateful to have been able to create Beyond because it was very therapeutic and I can look at it and see SO MANY vibrant colors that immediately take me to a place opposite of what this piece symbolizes.

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