Young Muhammad Ali Print

Young Muhammad Ali Print


This Muhammad Ali piece (or "Blue Man" as some call it) is the first time I've created a portrait of someone in colors that aren't true skin tones or grayscale. Muhammad Ali was such a powerful hero for Black people. He was a legend in the ring and a hard man outside of it. His conviction in his beliefs forced him to become wrapped up in politics. This painting's colors are to mimic the American flag. 


The pink stripes in the background signify the red and white stripes on the American flag – red symbolizing bravery and the white symbolizing purity and innocence. I made them "bleed" together because of the state of the country these days.


The blue in flag, that's also the blue used as Muhammad's skin tone, is meant to represent justice. It was fitting to make him blue. The orange outlines on his skin are highlighting his "fire" – his mind, his voice and his fists. 

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