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Papa I Made It (3 of 3) - 30x40

Papa I Made It (3 of 3) - 30x40


Basquiat Series #3 - Papa I Made It is the third in a series of four paintings composed in collaboration with fellow Pasco artist, Fabstraq. This series of paintings is to honor the game-changing artist Jean-Michele Basquiat, depicting a progression of him throughout his lifetime as an established artist. 


Papa I Made It is the first in the series where the artists are now comfortable creating with each other. Now completely aware of the style of his counterpart, Fabstraq uses his elements a little more freely, daring Artist Jones to find a way to once again, marry the two different styles.


A side view of Jean-Michele was chosen because it is incredibly rare to find a painted image. Most images depict Jean-Michele from the front or 3/4 view. The side view, accompanied by his suit, gives Jean-Michel a very distinguished look.


  • Production/Delivery Time

    Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of canvases. These high quality canvas prints will not dissapoint. Please allow adequate lead time if purchasing as a gift.  

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