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A beginner or novice in a particular art form who is learning from a more experienced and skilled mentor.

What's in it for you?

1. KNOWLEDGE. I'm well versed in an array of media, from traditional to digital. My skillset consists of Graphic Design, Painting, Print Making, Screen Printing, Digital Art, Illustration, Photography, Murals, Web Design and more. My 20+ year experience has gifted me with a wealth of knowledge to pass on and to mentor others.

2. EQUIPMENT USAGE. During your apprenticeship you will have access to all of my equipment, including a large format printer, cameras, drones and more. Through this you will gain the knowledge of how to run a successful, creative business on your own.

3. EVENTS AND COMMISSION. Your apprenticeship gains you free access to events that I am a part of and require your assistance. You will also get a 20% commission on all print sales and 10% commission on original works you assist with while at these events.

4. MURALS. You will be paid for help with murals on a project-by-project basis. During this time you will be instructed on the mural process beginning with the interaction with clients to completion of the mural.

How will you help me?

1. EVENTS. As stated above, you will be needed at certain events. This involves setup, breakdown, selling, networking, researching for up coming art events, getting leads for custom jobs, etc.

2. PRINTS. Occasionally I will need assistance printing, cutting and packaging prints. This is all done in my home studio. 

3. MURALS. I will need assistance with painting murals and laying down the base coats. Use a ladder or lift may be required in some instances.

4. PHOTOS AND VIDEOS. My main focus at events is to tend to costumers which causes me to be too busy to do photos or videos. Skills in photo and video composition for social media is a huge plus!

5. SOCIAL MEDIA. I may need help with posting to my social media. Strong skills with caption-writing is a plus, but not required. 

How do I apply?

Fill out the information below. Final candidate will be notified and announced by August 1, 2023.

Do you currently sell your work?
Do you have experience with art shows?
What media do you have experience with?
Do you have reliable transportation?
Which county do you reside?
Check the 3 most important things you consider when composing a new piece.

Thanks for submitting!

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